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Excerpts and inspirations from Good Days, Bad Days....

The final excerpt

 "Forever?  I just waited forever to get this far."

Excerpt #31 from Forever – "Silvio was confused, curious, and a bit frightened. He grabbed the seat and sat down without being asked. Dumbstruck, he rose from the chair and headed down the corridor, turned at the end, and found himself in a wide open space not unlike what he had been in outside the gate; unencumbered by objects of any sort.

My inspiration for "Forever" – Although it is an ironic title for the last of the short stories in the book, this one grew out of my curiosity of what waits beyond the infinite, the unknown, the afterlife…and "Forever" is one possible answer.

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Excerpt #30

"Believe what you want, but I just saw a lot of things I never saw before. . .and so did Sorkay."

Excerpt from "White Ghost"A few yards back, Sorkay stood transfixed; ears back, tail down, a low whimper coming from somewhere deep within. "What is it, boy?  What do you see?" Sorkay's nose twitched as he slowly backed up, keeping his snout to the wind.  Patreak followed the dog's gaze.  There, only yards away, stood a four-legged figure easily twice the size of Sorkay.

My inspiration for White Ghost – The story was first published in ArtPerspective magazine in 2013. It grew out of an apparitional experience I had while walking in deep snow with Shayna, my very own husky. After seeing what I thought was an arctic wolf I stole a furtive glance at my dog and then back at what I knew doesn't exist in Colorado. Only problem was, by the time I peered into the falling snow to take another look it was gone.

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Excerpt #29

  "Of course," he continued, "you probably want to get a second opinion.  And I understand if you do."

An excerpt from "Traveling Companion" - He went out to dinner and to the movies, and, for the first time in his life, ran an ad in the personal columns under the headline:  "Seeking Traveling Companion".  Did anyone ever meet a love interest through those things? Was it fair of him to even be doing it? 

My inspiration for Traveling Companion – I had a friend who sought to travel, but hated the thought of doing it alone. He had no one in his life at the time and it kept him from making a plan to get away. Jokingly, I suggested he run an advertisement and then I started thinking…what if?


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Excerpt #28

"Ammon stroked at his beard, peered at Ahmed, and nodded slowly.  'Who's the superstitious one now?'"

Excerpt from "Transparent"- Before Chester could reply, the wall in front of him collapsed and he was enveloped in the gaseous substance.  Waving his arms to ward it off, he stumbled backward and fell to the floor.  In the short time it took for the team to reach him, the mysterious fog had vanished.

My inspiration for "Transparent" – Another fascination I've had since childhood is ancient civilizations, their culture and art. "Transparent" delves into the sophistication of the Egyptians and the burial practices for the Pharaohs and royal families and the threat of a curse surrounding the burial chambers. It's another "What if?" tale.

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Excerpt #27

"It's a fact of life.  Happens all the time--businesses start up, businesses go out.  They don't owe you nothing."   

Excerpt from Tough Times in "Good Days, Bad Days" - McCracken had already given up trying to lighten the mood in the place; he'd even stopped buffing the mahogany bar or the brass fittings on its foot rail.  Like the town, the bar's shabbiness was a sign of life gone wrong.  Along the knurled edge of the counter, a series of burns marked forgotten cigarette butts; these were joined by nicks in the wood and initials carved with a pen knife when Cardiff had his back turned. 

My Inspiration for "Tough Times" – In hard scrabble America and other places, towns, like people, that don't move forward, technologically, will not do so economically. Entire towns disappear as a result.

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