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Most recent book -"Good Days, Bad Days - A Collection of Short Stories"

                           Author/Journalist Stew Mosberg

Welcome to my home page. The links in the tool bar above lead to way more information than you probably want, but just in case - I've written about my background (biography) my work (works), including the new book, my inspirations and in the blog (Blog) section I give a glimpse into the short stories, in the order they appear in Good Days, Bad Days - A Collection of Short Stories.

Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, on Kindle and at your local book store.

New work- A collection of exciting short stories that

includes a broad range of fiction with quirky subject matter, fascinating

themes, diverse characters and many surprise endings. Thirty-one

provocative tales that leave readers wanting more.


Click on my Blog link above for a preview and excerpts of the stories in Good Days, Bad Days. You can learn about my inspiration for writing by going to the biography page.

Click on Reviews and Media above for comments about "GDBD"